my name is aleena i'm 18 and from los angeles but i go to school in boston i barely blog and i delete my posts like 5 minutes after i make them also a really long time ago i was ssweaterweather


Lindsay Perry (by † mexico rosel †)

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Anonymous: hey aleena. sendin good vibes your way. good luck in the first weeks of school. how's your roommate?

thanks aw!! my roommates ok we don’t really click well but i can tolerate her lol

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Hilary Faye

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How to get a boyfriendLevel: Asian
Anonymous: I'm from Boston, trust me you will get used to everything and love everything about the city!!

the city is great but the school sucks so far the parties suck and everyones weird or annoying im just probably overly judgey but im not rly having a good time yet

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Gemma Correll, on Tumblr


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Clueless: Cher, Tai and Dionne (1995).
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